cat won't cover in litter pan

by Dwight

I have an adult male cat that has never covered up it's waste in he litter pan despite the litter condition. Why is this and what can be done? He even has a buddy who has proper litter pan manners.

Answer by Kate
My own cat was like this at first, she would go and then do one scrape and then run like mad, leaving her mess behind her.

We decided that it was either caused by the location of the pan i.e it made her feel unsafe and so she wanted to get away quick or the litter felt or smelt odd to her.

So we tried both, we moved the pan to another area, a more private, quiet area and we also tried a few different litter types. Eventually we found the right combination and she covers now.

Perhaps you could try these methods and see if it helps your cat too.

best wishes Kate

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