Cat won't eat and is vomiting saliva


I live in a place where veterinarians aren't helpful at all. I have an 11 year old cat who's lost a lot of weight recently. Today she was meowing very oddly and was laying on her side, she's ver slow and before i took her to the vet her pupils were dilated. When i took her to the vet he looked at her mouth and ears and said there was something wrong with her liver, he gave her 2 shots (don't know what they were) and said to come back tomorrow if she still doesn't eat.

Every time i place food in front of her she starts salivating a lot and meows then turns away. Her chin is always dripping with saliva and meows every once in a while. I can tell she is starving but she just won't eat and its breaking my heart. please help

Unfortunately as you know the best way and often the only way to diagnose a illness is with tests. I don’t know what if any tests your vet has carried out and why he suspects a liver problem.
Weight loss can be a symptom of several illnesses from diabetes, heart failure or a thyroid issue. However blood tests would have to be carried out to determine if any of these are a possible cause. I suspect that there are other signs which the vet is taking into consideration.

I’m sorry to say that your bets option is still your vet. When you go ask lots of questions it is your right and a vet should answer all your questions. Don’t feel afraid to ask you need to understand what is going on with your cat and also how the vet is going to try and help your cat.

Also if you’re not happy with your vet, i always recommend going to a different one. It can be amazing sometimes just how different vets can be from each other and how they differ in how they treat animals.

I hope your cat is better soon


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by: Anonymous

My cat got very sick once because he had a blockage in his digestive tract. I know this because he has constipation issues and has hairball problems. He peed in his bed, which he never does. Was very weak and could barely stand.

He wouldn't eat and would throw up any water I tried to give him. I couldn't afford an emergency room trip, so I gave him slippery elm and other safe herbs to help his digestive tract but it didn't help. Even an enema didn't help.

I ended up having to use a disposable glove and petroleum jelly to manually check if there was a blockage. There was. Just the action of doing this helped move it out and it was a hairball with waste matter so big that it would have never moved by itself.

He was throwing everything up because he couldn't digest anything. He also threw up saliva because he was trying to empty his digestive tract but couldn't. I watched him closely after that, gave him low sodium chicken broth, smart water and wet food after that in very small amounts to replenish his electrolytes slowly.

I slept on the floor with him for a few nights so he wouldn't have to jump up and down (he was weak)and he got better right away. He lost a lot of weight, as it took a few days for me to realize what the problem was, but once he eliminated, that was it.

If you do the manual checking or enemas (saline enemas are toxic - so ALWAYS use distilled water only), PLEASE research them well, for the safety of your cat. You could hurt more than help if you don't know what you are doing. And beware of a diabetes dx, make sure the numbers are high enough to warrant insulin if prescribed.

A stressed cat will have elevated glucose levels, but diabetes glucose levels are much higher. So do your research. Mine was wrongly prescribed insulin. He would have died had I not been testing his levels at home (which the vet told me not to do). Take your family's health into your own hands, most often, you know best. You just need a little help.

I'm glad you managed to help your cat but I have to say it sounds like you really know what you are doing and I wouldn't recommend that everyone tries this unless they have training.

yes some vets are better than others and I always recommend that you get several different vets to look at your cat if you are at all concerned. KAte

Go to the vet
by: Anonymous

We had a cat like that. Take him to the vet right away because he could have fatty liver disease.

strange death of cat
by: Anonymous

My girlfriends cat was throwing up foamy stuff then blood and died within 5 minutes we don't understand why..

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