Cat won't eat her usual food

by Jeanne

my cat

my cat

My cat is about 4 years old and has ate nothing but hard cat food. We buy the Diamond Brand and that's what she has been eating. Recently we bought the same brand but another kind and she didn't like it so we bought the same brand, same kind she has been eating for years and now she won't eat it. Tried feeding her can cat food, tuna and salmon and she tries to cover it up. She does not act sick, she still plays, purrs and acts her normal self. We have 4 other cats and they are fine and they eat both hard and can cat food. She always runs in the kitchen when we go and runs to the place where we keep the food but when we give it to her she won't eat it.

Please help. We don't want her to be sick. We checked her inside of her mouth and didn't see any sores. We don't know what's causing it. Nothing has changed in our household for her to be stressed, but we are going through the process of purchasing a new home but haven't changed anything in our current house.

Answer by KAte
Cats are very good at picking up signals and other peoples emotions so the fact that you are going through a house sale may have unknowingly affected your cat via your own behavior etc.

However the other option is that she may be suffering from a slight cold which has affected her sense of smell. If a cat cannot smell their food it does not entice them to eat it. So you could try add some fish wet food to her old favorite dry biscuits. do not keep changing the type of food though as this can cause cats digestive problems. keep offering her this for a few days and try not to be anxious around her. Also make sure that the cat is drinking water if not eating as dehydration can happen quickly.

See if this combination of food entices her to eat, also feed her on her own so that she has time to eat and so does not feel under pressure from the other animals.

id she has not eaten at all in another day or so then your only option is to have her checked by a vet as there may be things going on that are not obvious to the naked eye.

I do hope your cat is better soon

best wishes Kate

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