Cat won't leave window

by SUE

My cat (allie) was only cat for 1 yr. she was a stray/another stray (max) showed up. Both indoor cats now. Allie will not leave window!!!lays there all day have to carry her downstairs to eat she eats a little then runs back to her window. She can walk, hear and see. She was a very loving cat before now she will be cuddly if you pick her up. But she'll run back to window think she's afraid of max never seen him attack her she was always the aggressor towards him. Also she uses "litter box" on my steps.

Answer by Kate
You did not mention how long ago the new cat turned up. If it is all still very recent then the two cats need to be able to gain some confidence in each other so that they can live together in better harmony. the process for introducing cats is described on this page

Your female cat obviously feels unsure of her home now and finds the window ledge her only place of comfort. Take the cats through the introduction process for a week of so and hopefully this will help her relax more in her home.

best wishes Kate

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Same window issue
by: Chris

I've had my cat since her birth. She has always been a lap kitty. Only hanging out in the window from time to time. But recently she started sitting in my bathroom window. If I close the door to the bathroom she runs down to the kitchen window that faces the same direction. The sil is to small and she falls out. Once she injured her leg. Like other posters stated she is very happy to see me when I come to her and enjoys effection (I just heard her fall again while typing). If I open the window to give her more room she doesn't utulize it and still falls several times an hour. Ive I take here from the window she is happy untill I enter another room and she slightly panics and runs to the window. She is not a stray, she has not been fixed and she is 16 years old with no prior issues. I moved into a new house about a year ago and she seamed to love the new house. This bevavior started suddenly about two weeks ago. It saddens me that she doesn't visit me anymore.

same problem.
by: Anonymous

My cat seems to have the same problem. She goes up to the window above our sink and won't leave. When you pick her up she's fine but as soon as you put her down she'll run to the window. She doesn't have much space there so everytime she tries to fall asleep she falls into the sink, and I'm afraid she'll get hurt. I have to hold her so that she can sleep in peace for a couple hours. She also is a stray, and we have two cats who were here before her. But we found her as a kitten last november so she grew up around the others and has no problems with them (she kind of adores them.) I too would like an answer to this.

cat won't leave window
by: sue

The other cat has been here since Oct.09. Her behavior started in May/June she likes to look outside now it's an obsession.I carry her downstairs to eat then she runs back to her window.

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