Cat won't move!

by Holly
(Forest, MS)

Oh dear! Please help! A friend of mine has cats outside and he pretty much just feeds them and speaks once in a while. They probably wouldnt get anything other than tablescraps here and there if not for me so the vet isn't really in my power because I really don't have the money so a possible answer and solution would be a heaven sent because I love these babies! Ok so the cat im talking about is maybe 2 to 3 years of age, male and very loving! He was noticed limping on one of his back legs about a week ago. He was holding it up completely, putting no weight at all on it. I figured it could have been anything seeing how he roams the woods all the time. I know there was no visible cut or blood from what I could see. I came to bring cat food and feed them day before yesterday and he was fine it seemed. Don't remember if he was limping or not. Not to my recollection. Last night he was laying in the carport in a small pile of liquid and I thought that strange being the cold weather and cats don't just lay in piles of liquid. I assumed he had urinated. I noticed he was trying to get up and I cried watching him because he was stumbling and it looked like his leg was a wet noodle or something. It was awful. I went out later and he was laying in the corner shaking. He can no longer even halfway attempt to get up. My friend didnt realize how bad he was this morning when he was leaving to go to work and saw him. He told me there may be a tick on his neck and i was relieved to think this was something I could easily take care of but I felt around as best I could and was unable to find anything although I may just be paranoid, it seemed as though I did feel a swollen area or something but no apparent damage to the skin. Could the tick have burrowed itself under the skin and would the skin still look normal if so? Or is this another possible problem? I was so disheartened that I couldn't help him. Hes always so lively and plays mommy to all the kittens the female cat just had and I've grown quite fond of "adventure cat" as I like to call him. I just want to make

him better so he doesn't have to suffer anymore! Breaks my heart. My friend said if not a tick, he would figure something out or deal with it when he got home but I know the cats well being isn't as important to him as it is to me, although he cares, he just has a lot more on his plate to deal with. Please help me help Adventure! He didn't really respond to me touching him but I got the feeling it was more because he wasn't able. He hasn't meowed or purred or anything. I think he has vomited some too.

I do not have a credit card but I promise you I will give my mom the money and have her make a contribution because this is a very noble thing you are doing here and I was relieved to find a site that didn't charge or who's veterinarian wouldnt choose which question to answer based on the amount of $ given to them. How sick. Anyways! You are very much appreciated and God bless you for what you are doing!

Answer from Kate
dear Holly

this is a terrible story and i am afraid it is not something that can be fixed easily. It sounds to me like the cat has s some severe truama to his rear end, his back possibly. This may have been caused by a fall and so no obvious injury may be evident.

The fact that he has urinated on himself also suggest that he has lost feeling in his back end.

He really does need urgent medical care. He is suffering and if left i fear he will die.

The vet will be able to assess whether or not something can be done for him. But one thing for sure is that it is not fair to allow this at to suffer.

I understand your difficult situation but perhaps you could offer to take the cat to the vet yourself for your friend if he is too busy. It sounds like you both care and if so then taking him to the vets is your only real option.

As for a tick well they only busy their heads under the skin. If they get pulled sometimes the head can remain under the skin and cause infection. Again a vet is best placed to get it out and provide antibiotics.

I wish you all the best and i hope that you are able to help this little guy, god bless

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

My cat mittens, is an outdoor cat she's a stray but i feed her every night and occasionally give her treats she is very skinny and looks pregnant but it's like a lot of fat instead because it is not hard and it hangs like extra skin or something she's puffy on the sides. and this morning i found her out on the ground covered in ants she won't move and it seems as though her mouth is glued closed. She's still breathing though very fast too. I can't take her too the vet because i do not have a car because i am under age.My parents are not home but my younger siblings are. I love this cat and all the other websites require money i hope someone gives me an answer before god has taken her.
god bless you who ever has come upon this,
mitten's owner Savannah.

All you can do is to take her into the house gently and let her lie still and quietly until your parents come home. Then they will have to take her to the vets that evening as an emergency.

Be brave and lets hope the vet is able to help her.

best wishes kate

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