cat wont shut up!!!!!!!!

i found this stray kitten and its old enough to eat and go to the bathroom on its own. But it wont SHUT UP!!!!!! and its not hungry and it doesnt have to go to the bathroom well at least it doesnt when i put it in the liter box and she likes to bit what do i do to shut her up????

Answer by Kate
Some cats are just more vocal than others. It also be that the cat is just so happy to have a home. My own cat was as silent as a lamb in the animal shelter until we got her home and then she just meowed and meowed at us for days. She eventually settled down but she is quite a vocal cat.
You could try ignoring the cat when it meows and only petting it and talking to it when it is quiet and hopefully as it is so young it will learn that it gets more attention when it is quiet.
But i am afraid there are no garantees, you may just have a very vocal cat. Lets hope they settle down soon.

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Cat won't shut up
by: Anonymous

I have a similar cat that doesn't stop meowing. He wasn't found outside, rather I got him from his mother at 8 weeks. He is now 1 yr old, very healthy but also whiny!!
He's an indoor cat and I've bought him all kinds of toys but sometimes he just won't stop meowing. I think it has to do with giving him attention. I ignore him when I'm busy and as soon as he stopped meowing I pet him and play with him. Kitty should know when playing time is up. I usually play with him twice a day. Since he's an indoor cat, I think he knows what is outside and likes to stare out the window a lot. If you are comfortable letting him explore, then letting him outside may help. Or play with him when he's being good. Good luck!

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