Cat wont sit in lap

by Helen Roberts
(Caldeonia, MI USA)

I have a 7 mo old Himalayan cat, had him since 9 weeks old, and no matter what I do for him he is not affectionate, i.e. lap cat. He likes to be where I am most of the time, but doesn't like to be touched very much and totally refuses to sit in my lap. This is heart breaking for me as I really want this affection. Also with the long hair have to comb him which he totally dislikes no matter how gentle I am. Is there any chance that he will become more affectionate as he gets older or do you think this is the way he will always be? I don't understand because other cats that I have/had loved attention. I would appreciate any advise you can give me because he is a beautiful cat.

Answer by Kate
well in my life time i have known cats who want to live permanently in your lap and others who spend there whole lives hating much contact at all. basically it is a combination of there breed, their own individual personality and also how they were handled during the first seven weeks of their lives (known as the sensitive period)

Sometimes you just have to accept that this is how this particular cat is and love them for who they are.

You can try to continue trying to grrom him every day for very short periods he may eventually get used to it and similarly with the lap thing but do not feel upset if they just refuse. its not you its just the way they are.

As cats get older they do slow down and become more affectionate but this may not happen until they are quite mature over 5 i would say.

I assume you cat is neutered as this is also a factor in how a male cat behaves. If he is not then I would definitely consider this option also.

best wishes Kate

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