Cat Won't Stop Crying.


My cat has gone crazy. About two months ago I moved into a new apartment and ever since my cat has been meowing and making crying noises the likes of which I have never heard of him make. I lived in a big house before and it was hard to get him to want attention, now he will not stop crying and moaning right outside my bedroom when I am trying to sleep regardless of whether or not I leave the door for him to come in. He seems to like to get vocal very early in the morning and late at night.. What is going on?? He NEVER used to be like this.. He is still using litter box and still eats his food normally it's just he will NOT stop crying and it's getting annoying.

Answer by Kate
Why this behavior has started is not clear, it could be that moving to a smaller place means that he has less to explore at night and is bored and so is seeking your company and attention. Night time and the early hours are when cats are most active and this is when the crying often starts.

There are a few things you can try and do. Feed him right before bedtime. Play a vigourous game with him about half and hour before bedtime to try and where him out. Make sure that he is in a room where he has access to his bed litter and water and perhaps a few dry biscuits for a night time snack. Also make sure he has plenty of things to keep him occupied if he does decide to go on night patrol (see my page about indoor cats under the cat care section here on this site).

As long as you keep to a routine like this he should with any luck settle down more. You will have to be patient and persistent with this and you must stop letting him in when he cries to come in your room at night otherwise he will not learn that it doens't work.

best wishes kate

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by: Anonymous

My boyfriends cat wont stop crying. She crys at all hours of the day and nite. I moved in with him about 2mths ago a ever since than she had gone totally crazy. She walks the hall crying and stops at our bedroom door. Ive tried playing with her more, feeding her rite before bedtime, getting her more toys to play with, giving her more love, but nothing has worked. Shes state lushing out at me and my boyfriend now so its making it harder and harder to give her our love when she wont come to us. I cant think of anything else to do for her.

Have you tied ignoring her and mean really ignoring her. I know this may sound silly but she has learned that meowing gets her some sort of attention good or bad.

Put her in another room at night with the door closed and her litter tray and don't respond to he calls. o this every night and she may just un learn this meowing behavior.

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