by sheila

my two cats

my two cats

We have a cat who is having issues with urinating in the corner in the kitchen and also pooping on the carpet. I think the cat has psycological issues. We also have two other cats, and are pet sitting my sisters little dog. I don't know what the problem is. He started doing this about three years ago on and off when we put the window units in the summer for air conditioner, he could no longer look outside. I don't know what to do i am at my wits end with this cat my husband is not happy with him please help.......Sheila

This sort of behavior is often due to some form of anxiety. Now this could be caused simply because this cat does not feel comfortable living with other cats and dogs. he may not like being kept inside all the time. Some cats can adapt to this whilst others become stressed.

This urinating etc is not being bad etc but a way for the cat to try and make the home smell more like him and this in turn helps to calm them down.

ideally if there is a way for you to let the cats outside for awhile perhaps in a very large enclosure this would help.

Other wise all you can do is try to help your cat calm down. there are sprays you can buy which claim to do this. I have a couple of pages which you may find of further help and interest here


best wishes kate

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