caterpillars in cats sick?

by paul

My cat has been sick three times over the last couple of months and each time she has four or five of these things that look like caterpillars in it. They are usually dark green or brown and have lots of legs. Are these some kind of worms or actually caterpillars? I assumed they were worms but can't find anything about it online. I wormed her a few weeks ago just in case, but it happened again last night. I just can't see her finding that many caterpillars, especially at this time of year. Are there kind of worms that sound like this?

Many thanks


Answer by KAte
Sounds to me like they may be larvea of some sort, perhaps worms look like this at first. However fleas do have a larvea phase and i wonder if your cat is licking them off her fur and swallowing them and then vomiting them up.

You have done the right thing in treating her for worms, it is important that she has been treated for all kinds of worms, not all products treat all kinds. the vet will sell a good worming medication, it may be worth asking them about this, i'm sure they will be able to advise if you pop in and speak to the receptionist without charging you a consultation fee (i pop into mine to buy the flea and worming medication all the time)

After giving the medication give it a few weeks to see if the symptoms and the vomiting stops. If not then your only course of action is to see a vet for more advice.

best wishes kate

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Caterpillars in cat's vomit
by: Anonymous

I think I've worked it out! I took my cat to the vet and they were just as puzzled by the caterpillars as I was. My cat is absolutely fine, but they gave him an extra worm tablet just in case. Then I started mulling over the fact that it's the wrong time of the year for caterpillars.It's February. But it's the season for... people feeding birds with mealworms! And then I realised that when the cat had been sick a few weeks ago, the little creatures looked like pupa. So I reckon he's either eaten birdfood or a bird which had eaten birdfood...

Caterpillars in cat's vomit
by: Anonymous

A few weeks ago my cat was sick a couple of times and the lovely little pile contained, what looked like, dead maggots. He was absolutely fine otherwise, ate well, maybe a bit too well, the chunky monkey! This morning he was sick again, this time there were dead caterpillars in the puddle!
We're off to the vet's, of course.
I'm terrified these things are actually living inside him!!!
(The creatures are always whitish/translucent and dead.)

Catapillar looking worms
by: Jennifer

I just found this and I'm glad. I'm freaking out because I was just feeding the cats and I noticed what looked like two little caterpillars by their food, then I grabbed my cat's I have three and one of them had the tip end of a worm or whatever with those things are hanging out of her butt. I'm sorry not trying to gross you out. I'm just need to find out what these are. I've looked online and can't find any worms that look like this. But it's coming out of his butt. I just checked the litter box and don't see anything out of the ordinary. I just need to know what to do and if it's contagious do I need to quarantine my other two cats away from him? I would appreciate any suggestions. I really can't afford to go to the vet if it's something I can pick up and handle myself. I just don't know what it is. if push comes to shove though I guess I'll have to take him to the vet. Thanks for your advice!

This just happened!
by: Anonymous

December 15th. My cat has been sick today. I saw something odd looking so I investigated. Low and behold there were 8 caterpillars in it. Some pretty much whole! I am 100% sure these arent worms and that he ate today as there was grass in there too. I would have thought it was too late in the year for caterpillars but I saw 1 yesterday so they are around.

White worms with legs
by: Anonymous

When I lived in China we often saw these worms in public toilets. They are a human infestation and as humans can catch colds from cats I wonder if this could be the type of worms we are seeing.

by: Dean

These critters are definately not hairballs and the more I research, the more that I believe these are catapillars. I have not found any alive and they don't seem to be chewed up, so I believe that she is not eating them. I have treated her with a deworming pill and hopefully this will work. As I said before this has been going on for quite some time.

by: Anonymous

My cat is having the same issue, i looked all over the net and could not identify the worms, but they do have legs and antennaes. I scooped one from her vomit and took it to the vet and they think it is a caterpillar, we are treating her for worms and hopefully this will take care of it, but this has been going on for a long time before I figured out what the problem is.

by: Anonymous

Could these catapillar looking things be a coughed up hairball? Do they wiggle like a worm or crawl?

Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much. This is a brilliant service - your response was unexpectedly quick and very useful. I can't believe this is a free service.

Thanks again


comment by Kate (site owner)
nor can I, fancy by cat health ebook? ;)

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