CatNip Problems.

by Miranda
(Calgary, AB)

My cat Shadow has been nibbleing on catnip for a few days now.. What happends if i give her too much?

Answer by Kate
You can't give a cat too much. they will regulate themselves when they have had enough. Please see my page about cat nip, there is also a video on there too.

here is the page

best wishes Kate

Comments for CatNip Problems.

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My brain dead cat
by: janice

She found the mouse in the trash and she does bite. into everything, ll of a sudden she wants to watch TV & play with the moving pix. OMG I hate catnip.

My brain dead cat
by: Anonymous

She is coming along. Has some of her old traits back but is still nervous, wants me close & not fond of company. Sleeps a lot. Maybe has half a brain now. NO MORE CAT NIP.

Comment from Kate
We had to take cat nip away from our cats too they simply went crazy on it to the point that they were becoming aggressive with each other and completely out of control.

Glad she is getting back to her old self.

My brain dead cat
by: janice

It has been nearly a week and she is still diferent. Wont go near that toy. Guess she is a drug addict. That according to my Vet.

My brain dead cat
by: janice

My beloved 1yr old cat was given a toy, all natural, with cat nip. She went totally crazy for a couple of hours and the toy was soaked where she liked or sucked it. That was 2 days ago, she sleeps day & nite now, wants to be held when she is awake. I am very concerned but even the Vet laughed at me. I feel certain she is ill but I dont know what to do. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Could she have had a heart attack? Please let me know what to do. email

Take the toy away from er and see how she is over the next few days. If she continues to act odd then speak to your vet again.

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