cats agression

by Allen Alter
(fountain mi. 49410)

all of a sudden my two cats want to fight. the male 3 years old an the 4 year old female grew up together they been nutered and spayed declawed in front paws only. The older lil Black female has always been mean to my wife biteing and scrathing her but the two cats always played together. Now the Male seems to be very agressive to the lil black female.On the attack evry time theyer together. I have to keep them seperated.They have there own rooms in the house only one gets to rome at a time

Answer by Kate
sounds to me like a case of trauma aggression. this is a common occurrence and can be triggered by anything which might frighten one of the cats. I.e a loud noise, getting their tail trodden on or trapped, a strange smell etc etc. The trauma although unconnected to the other cat is transferred to them. there fore the cat associates the fear with the other cat causing the fights.

It is recommended that you give them a period apart then to reintroduce them slowly using the procedure described on this page

best wishes Kate

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