Cats and Dogs

by Chase

I've had a cat for a few months now and I just got a puppy and now my cat has stopped eating and won't come downstairs, what can I do to fix this situation?

When my girlfriend and I first got our cat we lived at her grandparents house and they had an older dog that the kitten was fine with but now we live in our own apartment and just got a 3 month old puppy and all the cat does is sit in the loft and growl at the dog. even when I lock the puppy in the bathroom at night the cat won't come downstairs and eat or use her litter box.

Answer by Kate
It probably was a little soon for the introductin of the puppy to household as your cat will still be settling into its new home.

Anyway never mind lets look at the problem. Basically as far as your cat is concerned is that their territory has been invaded by a rather energetic puppy who is probably a bit of a handful for the cat to get used to. Your best bet is to take some steps backwards and reintroduce them as if they had nver met before. I have a web page about introducing cats to each other but the process works just as well for cats and dogs. basically it allows lots of meeting in a safe environamnet and gives both animals time to get used to seeing and smelling each other without fear of attack etc.
Also the cat will feel safer in one room for a period during the introduction time, it will build their confidence also. Please see my page here about the process

Give both animals time but i'm sure things will setlle down with time and a lot of patience on your part. Let them find their own pace , don't try and rush the process, it will work out better that way.

best wishes and a Happy new year to you all.

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