cats been fixed, do they still go into heat

by kathy haring

My male cat of 10yrs. was fixed when he was around 7 months old

and to this day, he still shows signs of going into heat..?

When I touch him near his bottom, tail and sides, tummy, he is VERY Sensitive
and wants me to keep rubbing him and then he goes crazy and licks and licks
and nibbles on his paws. Causing him to lick some of his fur off his legs...!

After a certain amount of time, month or so, ALL of a Sudden he NO LONGER gets
them feelings. Till the next season or whatever........
Please can you tell me about this, and IF I am hurting or doing ANY HARM
to him, by rubbing him.
NO I am NOT a NUTJOB, this is what happens, and I personally Hate it and that
it happens to him, but it does, so I pet him......and wait for it to Stop !!

Looking 4ward to your reply on this


Answer by KAte
Male cats don't go into heat anyway, they respond to the scent of female cats who are in heat. They are also driven by their hormones. So it could be that even though he has been neutered he may still have some hormonal imbalances.

Hormone levels can fluctuate so this could be why it seems as if he is going through a season.

There are also other possible causes for his behavior such as blocked anal glands etc. If I were you and if i thought that he may be in some distress during these times then I would recommend taking him to the vets for a check up.

best wishes KAte

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