cat's butt

by Cynthia

I have a 4 month old kitten and her butt smells really bad, sometimes a white liquid comes out and no matter after I shower her, it still smells and she already has her shots. help?!

Answer by kate

well usually any white liquid coming from the rear end suggest an infection of some sort. The discharges are usually smelly where theres an infection.

Your female cat is also coming into adult maturity and this could also be the cause but i am suspecting an infection.

I really would suggest that you need to take your cat to the vets as soon as you can to have her checked out. the sooner she can be treated the better.

Best wishes Kate

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Anal gland -- thick black discharge, pain, and blood from anus!!
by: Nicole

My elderly cat that adopted me and my yard 4 years ago is seeming uncomfortable more often, has lost a lot of weight (1 tooth left), and today while cleaning his anal glands with a warm wet paper towel, new blood was suddenly in his anus seemingly being pushed out. He was very upset and uncomfortable and started howling while I pressed gently against his very full glands.
A large amount of black/dark brown firm oily discharge snaked out of both glands, with his left gland turning purple instantly.
Blood was coming out of his anus the entire time I cleaned his glands -- but it feels like I might've popped one accidentally (bc they were so full) before he scratched my arm and hand so bad I had to let him go.
Any idea what this solid, oily black discharge is from his anal glands?
Thanks a lot

Anal Gland
by: Anonymous

My 6 year old cat had this same problem, turned out she had popped an anal gland and needed some antibiotics and a good cleaning from the vet. It's nothing terrible, just needs attention as soon as you notice it. My cat's bottom was back to normal about a week later. Good luck!

my cat
by: Anonymous

i was cleaning my cat and when i was getting to her butt area i notice that it looks like she took a bite out of her butt i dont know what it is it doesnt look infected but it hurts her when i clean it

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