Cats gone wild

by Mary Lou



I have a kitten that was introduced into a family of 2 other cats. She is a female , I have 1 female 1 male both spayed and neutered. It took a week for the male to accept her but the female showed major agression pinning her down and biting her. I have kept them seperate and reintroduced slowly. The male Rocco seems to want to protect the kitten and will stand in front of her and chase down Purgie. The kitten will be submissive when I hold Purgie my female and they will sniff. Purgie chased her but this time no bitting just noise and both had their tales poofed out. It has been 3 months and would like to know what else I can do. They play with paws under the door but face to face I always feel Purgie getting tense.

Answer by KAte
Hi, well it is quite common for two non related female cats to be aggressive towards each other. thats why when i was seeking to have another cats years ago the animal charities told me not to get a female cat as i already had one at the time.

In fact my female cat never got along with any female cat that came by but was quite happy to sit near male ones, she too was neutered.

It seems that you did the right things about keeping them separate at first and introduced them slowly. Did you use the cage method? Where one cat is in the cage and the other is outside? this often helps to built confidence without the fear of fights etc

Apart from that I'm afraid you just have to let them find there own space with each other. Usually what happens is a kind of truce with the occasional spat.

Don't worry too much it is not in the cats interests to have full out fights.

best wishes Kate

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