Cat's lips and gums occasionally swollen and an infected sore.

About once a month my cat gets a sore in her mouth. It swells up and there is an infection with bad breath. It happens on either her lip or the top corner in the front between her lip and gums. It's in a different place each time, usually in the front. I take her to the vet, who doesn't know what it is. The vet thinks that she might be rubbing her face too hard on objects to leave her scent and getting a cut that gets infected. She takes antibiotics 2x per day for a week and she gets better. It doesn't affect her eating or playing, and doesn't flinch when I touch it. I would just like to know what it is.

Answer from Kate
How strange, I wonder if she is getting access to a plant or substance which could be causing sores or an allergic reaction which turns to a sore.

I really can't say what it is for sure and if your vet doesn't know i really couldn't say what it could be. Perhaps you could take a look around your home and garden in case their could be a plant or chemical which your cat may be chewing.
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by: Missa

my cat Nala Has the same problem my vet told me it was either a genetic disorder or a allergy of some kind she told me the best way to help was to give my cat depo injection when it starts to happen. Nala is only 2 1/2 and has had about 10 depo shot in the last year. my vet said that with the depo it can take anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 years for the sores to return the longest Nala has gone with no sores is 4 moths the shortest is 1 week. she just had a really bad infection last week and got a depo and antibiotics and her sore went was almost healed the next day.


We don't have any plants in the house and she doesn't ever go outside. I have tried leaving our shoes in the garage as to not track in anything from outside. I've tried using all natural cleaners. I've tried different cat foods. I've even gone around the house making sure there weren't any sharp edges that she could be rubbing her face on. I'm just at a loss, and I hate seeing this happen to her.

Comment from Kate
This is very strange then .I dont know if cats cat get things like cold sore which is cased by a herpes virus and can flare up at any time.

I'm sorry I could not be of more help.

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