Cats missing their owner?

by Paula

tiffany, the girl.

tiffany, the girl.

We got 2 kittens 11 months ago, just before I was going to University that my parents have been taking care of, and they have been neutured some time ago. I have been popping home every month or so for a couple of days, and the kittens have always seemed fine with me, not scared, and play with me and have a cuddle. When they go out we open the door for them, as we have no cat flap, and they play happily in the garden, usually staying within the garden or the neighbours garden. I have been home from uni for a few days now, and my parents went on holiday today leaving me with the kittens (well cats!) They havnt wanted to come back into the house and i had to entice them in with food. However Diesel ate his food, but seemed quite scared of me, and Tiffany, would let me stroke her but would not eat her food, what is usually her favourite. They both then sat by the door that i closed once i got them in as it got dark and they had already been out for 6 hours, and they normally would be in by then. So i didnt let them out knowing i would be going to bed shortly. They seemed to sulk, and then have gone upstairs to my parents room and are sleeping there. While they normally sleep around the house, typically where people are. Are they missing my parents? or do they not feel comfortable with me this time? I dont know what to do and its worrying me and making me unhappy as they dont seem comfortable around me, or even want to be near me. What can I do?? Im allergic so take strong anti-histamines so i have to sleep in my room as it is completely cat free. But its not something that keeps me away from them at any other time other than sleeping. Will they get over it? im scared to let them out again incase they wont come back.

Answer by Kate
well yes it does sound like your cats have been upset by the absence of your parents. DOn't worry all thats happened is that their normal routine has changed and this has caused them to be a little unsettled. Its not that they are unhappy and it has nothing to do with you, its just that something has changed ie two people are nt around as normal. I'm sure that in a day or so they will have settled down again.

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