Cat's mouth hurt

by Jay

Yesterday we think our cat either bit her tongue or hurt her mouth in someway. (long story short, she ran into a--and almost through a screen door)She ran from us for awhile most likely because she was scared. My husband saw blood in her mouth but she seemed fine for for the rest of the night. Today she seems better, but she won't eat anything, or drink her favorite treat (milk!). After trying all sorts of things, the only things she ate was tuna! My question is this: if she her mouth inside is hurt, how can we help her feel better? I don't think a trip to the vet is necessary, therefore, what home remedies could I use to help her?

Answer by Kate
Unfortunately there is nothing you can give her to make her feel better apart from lots of TLC.
The mouth area is able to heal quite quickly itself as long as their are no foreign bodies stuck in it.

if you can try and hold her mouth open to see if you can see anything inside. She may have bitten herself and a piece of tooth may have become longed in the gum, in which case a vet will need to see her.
if it is just a bit or scratch then it should heal itself in a day or so.
She will probably only want to eat soft food and drink until it has healed.

if she is still not eating properly in another day or so then you may have to consider seeing the vet in case she hurt her jaw in some way.

hope she is feeling better soon

best wishes KAte

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