Cats Strange behavior

by Carl Gregory
(Temple TX)

Happy (left) with Bentley (right)

Happy (left) with Bentley (right)

I have a 5 yr old healthy female tabby (Happy) who has had a very entertaining but eccentric habit for the last 2 years. When I come into the house from work, or walk towards the bathroom, she chatters, gets very excited, and follows me to the bathroom. If the bathroom isn't my destination, she gets even more excited and tries to force me to take a bathroom break. When I'm in there, she becomes extremely friendly, purrs, and seeks attention(usually she's very shy). Recently she has been waiting for me at the foot of the bed to wake up and go(!) She only does this with me and she is quite indifferent with my fiancee who has also known her all her life. We enjoy her behavior, but we are concerned that she may be agitated in some way. Why do you think this happens? Is it common?

Answer by Kate
how starnge and no I don't think it is common. To be honest I don't think I can give you an answer on this one.
All I can say is that I have never come across a cat who hasn't had there own strange little habit and I think that this is just a habit your cat has got into. Why or wwhy it satrted I don't think anyone can say. She must just be extremely happy to see you and assocites the bathroom with a good feeling and you and so that is the place she likes to go with you the most.

chattering is just a sign of excitement so i wouldn't worry about that.

perhaps someone else here will have had asimilar experience they can share with you.

best wishes Kate

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My Bella
by: Shamila

Hi, My kitten Bella a Bengal tabby, rescued at 6 weeks old off from a fuel station now 10 months old. She exactly does the same thing as yours. Each time I go to the bathroom, she runs after me all lovey dovey, licking my legs, asking me to pick her up & very vocal. Outside she is normal, playful kitten. I always wondered why she does that. I have 3 other rescued cats/kittens.

Cat Strange Behavior
by: Mary F

Hi Carl,
I am happy to report to you that what your cat is doing is normal as Kate mentioned "most cats have their individual habits" some that we humans do not understand.

I have a number of cats in my home that all came from rescued situations so I have seen and encountered alot of what I thought to be strange cat behavior but I have learned that they are animals with their own ways of doing things.

I have 3 cats that do the same as your cat.
Everytime I come home or get out of bed in the morning they all 3 RUN to my feet and almost nudge me toward the bathroom. (chattering and mewing the whole time).

Once I'm in there , they rub against my leg and purr like a little motor running.
If I am in the kitchen cooking and leave the kitchen to go into another room it dont matter where those 3 are or if they are even in a deep sleep...they all 3 jump up and head for my feet and begin to push me toward their favorite destination.

I have one thought as to why this might be happening. Excuse my blunt speaking here but I think that when we go to the "potty" It allows us to be kind of alone with the cats that like to have us all to them selfs.
(cats ARE very jealous animals)

Maybe being it is a smaller , more closed in room that they feel safe to ask for our attention there and to maybe not have to share us and our attention with another house cat.

This is just MY thoughts on it but I am certain your cat is just being its self and not displaying any behavior that you need to be concerned with.

Enjoy your cats attention as what your cat is doing is displaying its affection and desire to be closer to you even if for a moment.

Best wishes to you and your beautiful kitties.
(I loved their pic)


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