Cats Teeth?

by Maggie

My 12 yr old cat keeps pawing at his mouth and is very unhappy?

He went to the vets because he only drinks water after sniffing at his food bowl even his very favourites and turns his head and staggers off because he is so thin and weak now?
He has been like this about two weeks now.
We took him to the vet who did tests on him which came back negative for infection but said his kidneys were in a bad way.The vet also looked at his teeth and said they were very loose but wouldnt do anything to them until found out results of tests which took 5 days as a weekend intervened.
We spent an agonising last few days after the vet told us theres nothing to be done except home care or into hospital for iv treatment which wouldnt do much for curing him just meant having him on tubes till his last.
He keeps walking everywhere even though hes week and he worries me as looking as though cant get away from pain.
I am thinking his teeth are his worst problem at the moment?
But the vet doesnt recommend any more intervention.
My cat still goes to his food bowl but turns his head away after a few sniffs.I have mushed his favourite food into a puree which he has been eating up till today.
He keeps pawing at his mouth.
What can I do to help him it seems so cruel if he has toothache not to try pulling them out and see if he improves?
Yesterday he disappeared for hours up neighbours gardens and my husband is heartbroken because he usually follows my husband everywhere whether inside the house or outside while he is working on the garden.
What do you advise us doing for him?
Shouldnt we try and ask them to pull out the bad teeth anyway?
Please advise us we are desperate and feel helpless?

Oh Maggie this is awful. So your vet has not given him any pain relief etc? My advice would be to find another vet for a second opinion.

Vets should not leave cats in a condition whereby he is weak and starving and possibly in pain. I do not have all the information from your consultation with the vet but i agree with you, you can’t leave your cat in this state.

So yes if it were me I would either see another vet for a second opinion or I would go back to my vet and demand more proactive treatment even if it is only supportive at the moment,. I.e. pain relief or some form of nutrition perhaps in another form other than actual food.

I do hope you can get some help for your cat, it’s awful seeing your cat in distress i know.

Best wishes kate

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