cats urinating on carpet after death of one of their mates

by Bill
(Rochester Minnesota)


Our 14 year-old cat died and had been throwing up on our carpet etc.
One or both of our remaining cats had never urinated or defecated on the carpet in their first 4 years until AFTER our oldest cat died and left the house.
Are they trying to remember her by urinating where she threw up etc?
It's extremely puzzling and we are tired of shampooing the carpet.

Answer by Kate
I don't think it is a remeberance thing, it's more likely that they are feeling a little insecure as things have changed because the other cat is no longer around. they are trying to make themselves feelsecure my marking the territory again with their own smell. try spraying the carpet with a lemon and water mixture to deter them from that area. Also you will have to try and give them more things to keep themselves occupied ie toys, climbing and scaratching posts and perhaps more games with you. This will make them not only feel hapier but also more secure and will distract them from their uncertain feelings at the moment.

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