Catsnip Limassol Feral Cat & Stray Neutering Charity

by R Fryer
(Cyprus Europe)

Starr On The Road To a Slow Recovery

Starr On The Road To a Slow Recovery

Rescued from Episkopi Garrison Cyprus

Starr was reported to us at 7pm on a Sunday as a walk in to the kitchen of a family living on the Garrison. Smelling and in distress the family asked us what to do and a friend of Catsnip who also lives on the garrison arrived and put Starr into a cat box.

The next morning she was taken to our vet, Starr was given a poor prognosis and not expected to live for very long as the wound around her neck caused by a cat collar that had grown into her skin was severely infected and full of maggots.

Our vet decided to give Starr a chance and set about cleaning away the puss and maggots and removing the collar. An hour later the collar was off, the neck cleaned and the full amount of damage to the neck now fully visible. Unfortunately a large portion of the fur and skin around the neck had been eaten away by the infection and had disappeared.

Huge Mountain to Climb

To all of our amazement Starr recovered from the trauma of having the collar removed and wound cleaned and sat up purring and waiting for a friendly stroke and of course some dinner.

Both antibiotic injections and spraying antiseptic on to the neck sore do nothing to deter Starr from seeking human company and she oozes affection to the clinic veterinary staff and visitors from Catsnip.

Not out of the woods Starr needed a further operation to replace the lost skin and after 3 weeks rehabilitation and recovery in the clinic Starr underwent a second major operation involving a skin graft with skin removed from the rear of the neck and placed over the wound. Lasting over three hours Dr Yiannos Christou assisted by Dr Marios Torno performed the operation using 187 stitches.

Starr is awake and just as affectionate as before the operation. It is still earlier days
and we will have to see how the skin graft takes and how much fur grows back.

How Did It Happen

Starr previously called Cheeky was adopted by a family on the Garrison some 18 months ago, as a young cat she was micro-chipped, vaccinated, spayed and given a collar. Basically an outdoor cat she came and went as she felt. The family were initially in old housing stock and during their tour they were moved to newer accommodation. Unfortunately Starr did not take to the move and kept returning to the old house.

When the family left the island Starr was left behind and a friend asked to feed her, unfortunately Starr was once again on her own.

How do we know this, well thanks to the micro-chip, Pet-log with whom Starr’s micro-chip was registered were able to supply Catsnip with the owners Cyprus details. Some investigative work by a Catsnip member found the owners details on a social networking site and they were able to discuss Starr (formerly Cheeky).

How to Help

Although our primary objective is spaying and neutering cats Catsnip were unable to turn their backs on this wonderfully affectionate and friendly cat. The veterinary cost for the treatment so far is €1,574

If you would like to help Catsnip in meeting these costs then please visit their website at and click the donate button.

Or if you would like to give Starr a home here in Cyprus then please use the contact us page at

bringing a cat to
by: Rose

i also recently stayed at atlantica oasis in limassol and have taken a liking to one of the stray cats and would like to know the process of bringing a stray cat from limassol to england?
by: Anonymous

Ive just spent a couple of days in the ESTELLA apartments in Limasol. July 2012, I realise there are 1000s of stray kittens at this time of the year, but can anyone please help the kitten that is hanging around the grounds of the Estella with its mother, The kitten is so hungry, its eyes are bulging out of its head its that thin and weak, the mother is also very skinny, The hotel wont allow anyone to feed them. I bought some food and biscuits and left them scattered around the back of the hotel, but I cant get the image out of my mind of the poor suffering kitten, Could someone please visit and help these cats? They sit under the chairs round the pool and also on the path running along the hotel, There is only this 1 kitten left with its mother... Really heartbraking.
hotels/cat probs
by: lyn bick

Just come back from 2 wks at Atlantic Oasis Hotel Limassol, lots of stray cats and 3 tiny kittens. Tried to help these along with other guests. Then lots of them disappeared. Is there a policy to round these up - and what then? Neutering would be so easy for the male cats, and would eventually solve all probs. Is there a government policy re this? All bar one of those kittens died - severe eye infections etc.
Can I Help!!!
by: Lesley Muncey

I am the Chair of Feline Friends Dubai.
Sadly we also see a lot of poor cat's in bad condition too. I would like to say what a wonderful thing all at catsnip are doing and how
they will need lots of support from the public.
I am only here for a small amount of time but will help and advise all I can as I come to Cyprus to stay at my apartment.
Please let me know as I would like to bring a vet
and help with the huge problem in Cyprus!!!
God bless all who help these poor Animals.

Kitty with Cat Collar Injury
by: Mary In NC USA

I am from a long background of cat rescue and I know how these poor kittys suffer from this.
This kitty is VERY lucky and I praise your group for seeking her the best medical help available.
THIS is what RESCUE is all about.

God Bless you and your group and this sweet kitty

Mary in Nc USA
Starr has been Homed
by: Catsnip

Starr has now be offered a permanent home for when she leaves the vets, not far from my own home in Kolossi.

She is doing remarkably well but needs a further operation to help repair the damage caused by the collar. Unfortunately she eventually just had to scratch her neck and an Elizabethan collar could not put on her because of the damage already done by a collar.

Our vet is confident she will eventually make a good recovery and her new owner can't wait to take her home and start giving her the love and attention she so richly deserves.

Well Done
by: Anonymous

What a sad story She certainly deserves her new name. Good Luck

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Cat with bad eye
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am staying in Limassol is there anyone who can help a stray cat with a very manky eye?
She’s very sweet but her eye is in a bad way

Here for a week . Advice needed
by: Anonymous

I'm here for a week only at RAF Akrotiri, but staying in Limmasol . Last night me and my partner found a group of friendly strays down on the beach front, one of which had only 3 legs.
We would like to feed and water them while we are here. What is the best food to give them?

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