Change in cat behavior, stopped eating.

by Brendan
(Neenah, WI USA)

To start off my cat is not fixed. She's a farm cat that I've had since she was about 6 months and since she never was outside I just decided to forgo the fee (big mistake, I assure you)of getting her fixed. Anyways..

She's now 7 years old, and after the last time she was in heat she seemed fine, then a few days ago I stopped seeing her regularly during the daytime(while not a common occurrence I did see her every day). She still slept next to or on me as usual and I thought nothing of it. Then I noticed she wasn't really eating and I enticed her to eat a few treats and she did. Fast forward a few days and she's only joined me for bed time once since then and I rarely if ever see her outside of hiding during the day and the level of food in her dish has not diminished. She had been using the litterbox lately, so again i'm very perplexed.

She's visibly lost weight, and I've noticed she's constantly licking her crotch/butt area and that the same area is extremely wet. This is more then just moist from the licking, it is WET. I picked her up yesterday night and set her on my lap while watching TV and noticed it right away. The behavior has worsened and now she shies away and it takes me 20 minutes to discover the latest hiding spot around the house(which is always tucked in small spaces and/or in dark corners)

I'm concerned but don't know what the heck is going on with her.

Answer from Kate
Brendan, from what you have described if it were me I would definitely take her to the vets. It is impossible to say what the issue is and I wouldn't be surprised if the vet will want to do some blood work. Loosing weight can be a symptom of several illnesses from thyroid problems

heart condition or even diabetes to mention just a few. So without a proper diagnosis you wont be able to help her.

the urination may be another symptom or could be caused by her anxiety about not feeling herself.

In cases like this I'm afraid going to the vets is your only option.

I hope she is better soon

best wishes Kate

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