Changed Cat Behavior

by Baylee

My cat Smokey before  cat behavior changes

My cat Smokey before cat behavior changes


My cat is only one year old and has been spayed. She wasn't at my house for 2 days but i wasn't worried about that because she goes on adventures all the time. But when she came back this time she wasn't like her active self. Before coming back she was VERY active and always wanting in the house. (By the way my cat is an outdoors cat) When she came back she wasn't interested in any food, water, or even a little bit of milk. She hasn't been making jumps or "jogging" around like she usually does. And I have noticed that she has just been letting her tail drag around and seems like she has no control over it. I ran my hand over her tail to see if there was any obvious breaks but i didn't find anything. I just thought she was tired. but the next day I have found the same behaviors repeating. Please give me your thoughts on this.
Well I always say a owner is best placed to know when something is wrong with their cat as they see the subtle changes in behaviour etc.

From what you have said i do wonder if she has been bitten on the tail or rear end. I say this because one of my cats did this too and I could see no evidence of a bite etc but because he has stopped eating and became lethargic we took him to see the vet who discovered a wound which had become infected.

Or course there are any number of viruses around these days and even vaccinated cats can pick them up again something i recently discovered.

So my advice would be, if you think she is no better by the third day I would take her to see a vet to be on the safe side. Your vet can check her over and also the inside of her mouth to see if there is anything wrong there, ulcers etc.

I hope she is better soon


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by: Anonymous

My bfs cat acts like that when she gets beat up. :P

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