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This is my Manx cat

This is my Manx cat

I just recently started fostering 2 tiny kittens, about 5 weeks old...they are very energetic and my Manx has just acquired an attitude..The Manx is growling at my 3 dogs , my other big cat and me...she is growling, hissing and trying to bite me when I pick her up..Is this because of the kittens in the house? When I first got the Manx she was kind of like that and then she became very loving, now total 360..I did have the baby kittens in a wire cage , which I used for the Manx when I first got her...but I put the kittens in that cage and now I have changed the kittens to the bathroom with the door closed, I am afraid that the Manx will hurt them...Also I set the wire cage back up for the Manx, and put her in there tonight...I am worried about the Manx hurting one of my dogs, they are smaller than her...Now she is growling and hissing at me when I come into the room..I hope by putting her in this cage I have not upset her more....I really don't want to let the Manx out , unless I am with her....This was all of a sudden and very scarey....I thought she could be sick, but I feel it is the kittens....What do you think?

Answer by Kate
Your Manx cat may be feeling threatened by the presence of yet more animals onto her territory. Cats don't like to share their territory with other animals and sometimes this can cause aggression and fear.

i suspect she is feeling a little afraid and is reacting with signs of aggression. Often these signs are just signals and not necessarily signs that she is going to attack.

Have you tried introducing her to the kittens while they are in the cage? this is often the best way to do it as it means that they can build confidence in each other without the fear of attack. the process is described here

Try to reassure your Manx cat with lots of games etc to try and distract her from any fears she may have. It may take awhile but be persistent and calm around your cat and she should eventually calm down.

best wishes Kate

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