by Susanne
(Blaricum, Netherlands)

Chester chillin'

Chester chillin'

Chester passed away on 01 january 2016 at the age of 12.
Dear Chester, you passed away while I was on holidays and the pain and guilt I feel are truly mind-numbing.. but then I remember all the years we had together and the great life you had. I admit, I spoiled you quite a bit, but you were always there for me during difficult times. I looked forward to coming home from work to see you waiting at the end of the garden and so excited to see me (and get fed, of course). I loved how you would snuggle up on the sofa with me.. and demanded your belly rubs. And when it was time for bed you would always wait for me to get into bed before jumping up and curling up next to me. The house is so empty with-you Pumpkin and I miss you every day.. I've still not been able to remove your stuff. I truly hope you are enjoying yourself at Rainbow Bridge and have met up with your sister Layla. I can't say when I'll be there... but I will be one day and we'll be able to go over the bridge together. Love you, Sus

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Feb 05, 2016
Animals know more than we think, even Chester...
by: Anonymous


I don't know how Chester passed away, but I think many times they know when it's their time and pass away without their owners there to spare you the pain of having to watch helplessly or having to make that horrible decision whether they should be put to sleep or not. Remember it is only us humans that look at death so terrifying as we do. I know Chester has a soul and it has just moved to another dimension. We cannot not see this with mortal eyes. But I tell you the truth, He still exists and he is grateful for your caring and love. He pick you to spend his life with , didn't he...

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