Chloe and Bo

Chloe and Bo - My name is Susan and these are my cats.

Sex: Female/Male
Age: 1 - 5 years
Lives in: York, USA

Their favourite food is:
HA....I think they favor anything considered Cat Food. They do like Whiskers Lickin Treats

This is what they like doing the best:
She like eating and sleeping. He likesboth of the above and tormenting her!

Their funny habits are: He(Bo) just tris to get me up in the a.m. by knocking all the pictures off the dressers,bureaus etc. I foxed his furry butt and just take them all down before I go to bed! Now if I could just stop that irritating MEWOOOOO I be happy!

How I found my cats: 
We got both our cats at the SPCA

We got these two from the SPCA. chloe was the first one to come home. She lived in the basement for about 3 weeks! When she finally did come up she didn't even know how to play with her toys. The only things she did well was eat and sleep!(hence the name fatcat!) We decided that she needed a friend. She didn't agree and when Bo came home she was one angry gal! Because of a lot,and I mean a lot of patience on HIS part they became best friends. He taught her how to not only play with cat toys but also how to interact with other cats! They're the best and we wouldn't give them up for anything!

Big World Out There

I just got a new piece of cat furniture. I wanted them to have something that was tall rather then short and wide. I actually found this tower at Big Lots. They both always wanted to be at this window but never really had the access. Looking out to our backyard there are plenty of squirrls, groundhogs and birds to keep their interest.On this picture I just happen to have the camera at the right time and was able to get this shot when the light was right. Thanks to hubby who was entertaining him in the background! 

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