clear liquid on my cat's head

by cindy

the other day i noticed this wet streak on my cat's head. at first i thought he simply wet it but when i pet him it felt hard underneath and i thought he might have gotten some sap on him.

i wet his head a bit to see if the "sap" would dissolve but there was no change. the next morning it was completely dry and his fur was stiff. then a few hours later it was wet again. i noticed that it smelled like spit. i then started to become suspicious. he's had these symptoms for 3 days now. his behavior hasn't changed but he has this smelly liquid on his head. do you think he may have an abscess that burst? i'm wondering. i'm not sure what else it could be?

Answer by Kate
well there are many possibilities here. he may be going somewhere where there is wet glue which he is getting on his head.
Or as you say he may have an injury like an abscess, but I would have thought you would have been able to see this.

It does sound more like some sort of liquid glue. The smell of spit could simply be from your cat trying to get it off themselves. In which case he may ingest it which could make him ill.

If he he goes outside Why not try and keep him in for a few days and remove the sticky stuff from his head with a mild shampoo.

then see if it reappears whilst he is in the house if not see if it reappears when he goes out again, in which case you will have to find the source.

if it keeps reoccurring I would take him to the vets in case the substance is harmful to him.

I hope you can track down the issue.

best wishes kate

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Sticky substance on cats head
by: Anonymous

My cat has had the exact same thing 4 times this year!
It’s like super glue and then gets a abscess
I was wondering if someone was harming him but struggle to keep him in 😢

Same exact symptoms
by: Julia


I just noticed these same exact symptoms on my cat this evening. She had a hard bit of fur on her head and I pulled it off and under it was sticky clear liquid on her head that smells REALLY bad, like makes me gag. Did you ever figure out what was going on with your cat?


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