"Climbing " kitten.

Is there anything I can do to stop a six month old Russian Blue climbing onto the bannisters in my home, thus risking injury if she falls onto the stairs.

This is the situation. My son and daughter-in-law have asked me to look after their precious little one for two weeks, whilst they are on holiday. They ABSOLUTELY do not want to put such a young cat in a cattery. The thing is she never stops climbing, the higher up the better for her, and has had several falls. As they live in a flat, she has never fallen far enough to actually hurt herself. I, however, have a steep staircase and open bannisters. I`m not sure what I`m asking really, maybe some sort of "safety net". I would love to help them out, but the responsibility of any harm coming to her, would be too much for me. I am disabled, so unable to travel to look after her in their home. ANY suggestions would be helpful. Maybe it will have to be the cattery after all.

Answer by Kate
this is a problem as kittens do love to explore and climb, its a natural instinct.

All i can suggest is that you decide to make the kitten a safe room for the period of his stay. ie a room where he can sleep and play and has his litter tray. You can let him out for his meals elsewhere in the house where you can supervise.

you need to make the room as interesting and fun as possible for him, so give him safe things to climb on like the cat trees you can buy, lots of balls and things for him to play with, keep some quiet music or the radio going so that he won't feel alone. visit him lots of times during the day for little games if possible. At least this wasy you will know where he is and that the room is as safe as possible.

After all if he went into a cattery he would be kept in a much smaller place in general, so this option is much better for him and you won't have to worry so much.

i have some pages about how to make a room entertaining for a cat here


best wishes Kate

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