Clinging cat

by David Taylor
(Greeley, Co)

My wife was a cat person. I haven't been around cats that much before that. We have been married over 20 years. She recently passed away. One of her cats is constantly demanding attention. On my lap, in bed or any where I go. Can you help?

Answer by KAte
Hi, I'm not sure what you are asking me. If you are asking how can you stop your cat seeking attention from you, well i'm afraid that would be very difficult as they have learned this behavior and also it is a bonding thing between you and the cat.

if you are not comfortable with it, the kindest thing would be to find a new home for the cat with people who would enjoy this, perhaps an older person?

However, if i were you, i would try and learn to love this attention. It is very good for the blood pressure you know having a cat on your lap :).

If it does get too much all you can do is to ignore the cats attention and keep putting them back on the floor. this may take a very long time, as your cat will not understand why all of a sudden he is not allowed on the lap, bed etc

I hope you can learn to love your cat as much as your wife must have. Your cat will also be missing your wife too im sure.

best wishes Kate

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miss wife?
by: Jeslyn

Maybe she misses your wife?Cats has feelings too.You should spend at least 10 minutes with your cats.

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