Computer Cat

by Tracy


It's Bootsie and Bonnie's mom . My Bonnie(Bon Bon) is about 1 and a half now. She is fixed and a pretty good kitty for the most part. When she was a kitten she did chew my computer and phone wire, but I think she has outgrown that now(I hope). Anyway, now she is driving me crazy almost every time I am on my computer she is right there bothering me. I have tried just putting her down and not saying anything and doing it over and over and she just comes back. I have tried spraying her and she comes back. When my husband is on she doesn't do it to him and if she does all he has to say is Get down in a lous voice and she goes. It doesn't work for me. I have a small 1 bedroom apt. and I cannot put my computer in another room and close the door, however I am hoping to move in May and if it happens that is what I want to do cats allowed! Bonnie has jumped down from the computer desk and unplugged the computer a few times. Since I have been writing to you I have put her down 3 times already. I am starting a keyboarding class in a little over a week and I cannot have this. Any ideas on why she keeps doing this and what else I can do? I don' think its because she wants my attention. She is not a real clingy cat. She just started laying on myself and my husband at night when we are sleeping. She hates to be held. She is
a maine coon cat. She is beautiful and we love her. My husband rescued her and Bootsie when they were real little outside of my apartment building. I love cats. I feed the stray and feral cats and if I had the money I would open up a kitty rescue.

Thank you!


Answer from Kate

Your cats acions are due to somethng, whether it be oredom (lack of things to keep her occupued and stimulated), or wheher i is an anxiety issue wheeby she is seeking yor company and protection. Either way she is showing signs of a cat that is trying to make herself feel better.

Look at it from your cats point of view. all your attention is focused on the computer plus its a warm and comfortable area. It is not surprising that she goes to this area when you are there.

As to what you can do, well apart from putting her in another room all you can do is to try and structure a routine for her, ie meal times, play times and sleep times. Cats like routine it makes them feel safe.

so perhaps by her a few new toys and spend some time everyday at the same time playing with her and letting her blow of some energy. Then feed her and then try to settle her down to sleep before you attempt to use the computer.

Once a routine is set up your cat may no longer feel the need to come and seek you out at your computer.

Some cats require a lot more attention than others and it sounds like yours is one of these cats.

best wishes Kate

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