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I have had cats before but my lovely girl pasted along after 15 years of a good life about 1 year ago. We have an all adult household. I just adopted a young cat (1yr). I kept her in a safe room for a two day she was eating, adjusted to her litter box extremely well, played with her new mice (which she loves) and was very affectionate... I spent a lot of time with her bonding and she really loved to be petted and loved. She became very adventurous and wanted out in a big way...left the door ajar and she ventured out.

She explored and seemed good...a little skiddish but not too much. We were very happy about our accomplishment...she jumped up o our laps and all was right with the world..,She slept with us that night and seemed just fine. While holding her last night she was alarmed by a blanket that I was arranging to warm my feet...flew off the couch and now is extremely reluctant to come near me. She did not use her litter box all night but did this am, and she is not eating much either...although still likes plays with her mouse. She now has retreated to her room and occasionally comes out but at the sight of us she retreats back or scoots away. Perhaps she had some frightening experiences before she came to the human society but I am so afraid that she now relates that to us... She is so very sweet...I hate to see her so upset....any suggestions?

Answer by Kate
Hi, I wonder if you had the blanket when you had your previous cat? If so it is quite possible that it still has the smell of your old cat on it. Even if you have washed it several times, it is amazing just how acute a cats sense of smell can be and she may still be able to smell the other cat. Which would have made her feel insecure and that is why she has retreated to her room. Also if she cannot see the other cat she is blaming you for the cat smell and that is why she has moved away from you.

If the blanket has been around for a while you could either get rid of it or clean it then put it in a sealed box with bicarbonate of soda for a few days then clean it again.

After which you can start to rebuild your cats confidence by being with her in a non threatening way and letting her come to you rather than the other way around. Please see my web page about bonding with your cat here

Best wishes Kate

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