by Jo Latu
(Sydney, Australia)

Our 12 week old kitten "Leo" has all of a sudden, as of yesterday around midday, has become really reclousive, he wont eat or wont let us come near him. He's normally very playful, he likes being cuddled - especially when he's ready to have a nap. But now he'll hide under the bed, table, chair, and sit there as if somethings gonna jump out and attack him. If i try to pat him, he'll growl or hiss at me. He wont eat anything. I've put a plate of food in front of him and the food will sit there untouched. Before he would scoff his food down in a few seconds and even lick the plate clean. He hasn't eaten since yesterday morning. We are really worried because this behaviour is not normal for him. We love our little Leo, and hope this will only be temporary, but if you could shed some light on his behaviour, we would really apreciate the help....

Mr & Mrs Worried

Answer by Kate
Hi, My first reaction is that he could be unwell, the combination of wanting to keep himself to himself and not eating cound indicate that he is feeling unwell. With him being so young and perhaps prone to infection etc it would be one of my first reactions. If he still has not eaten today i would definately get him looked at by the vet to be on the safe side.
If the vet gives him a clean bill of health, well then it could be that he has been frieghtened by something which has shaken his confidence. if this is the case then some extra bonding sessions with him 9sdee my page about bonding on my cat care section) could be the answer.
I hope all is well.

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