Confused about my kitty.

by Marissa
(Beaverton, Oregon)

I have a fairly young indoor cat. We took her to the vet a few weeks ago, because she somehow managed to injur her back and was walking funny, etc. She got better after like a week and a half. Another few weeks past and she seemed okay, just a little calmer then she usually is (as is common with cats getting older, or so I am told). Then I left for two weeks, and the weather got alot warmer, now its in the 100's. She is my cat but my parents took care of her while I was gone. When I got back I noticed she had lost weight, was lazier, and she has scabs under her tummy. My parents say that shes lazier and not eating as much because of the weather. But we've gone through heat before, and it wasn't this bad. She is also weak and unsure when she moves (Which shes been doing far too little of).

She's also a rex, so shes got really short fur (Which is why she stays indoors) and is generaly thin anyways. She was a little over-weight before this.

And please, dont say take her to the vet immediatly. I havent had great advice from a vet in a long time. They always say "she'll get better on her own," and cost a fortune.

Answer by Kate
I don't know what sort of vets you have in oregon or perhaps you have been unlikley in the ones you have visited. But any vet that charges a fortune but just gives advice
like that do not sound very good to me.

there will always be a consultaion fee that is to be expected but if there is something wrong I would expect to receive better advice than that.

Any way the reason i am saying all of this is because sadly your only real option is to have her checked out by a vet. is ther another one you can go to this time?

yes the hot weather could be having an effect on her eating adn activity level, we all slow down in the hot weather. But i don't like the sound of the scabs on her tummy. Are you sure she is flea free, hot weather can cause out breaks of the little critters which can lay dormant in the carpet for years sometimes. If she is getting bitten a lot this could make her anaemic which could also be the reason she is not feeling great.

But really a vet need to take a look at her if she is anaemic she will need some mediation to get her back to normal and the vet will also be able to say whether or not the scabs are caused by flea bites or not.

If fleas are involved then the whole house as well as your cat will have to be treated to prevent future outbreaks

When you visit the vet make sure you are aware of the costs involved. any good vet will inform you of this before treatment, so that you can decide your own course of action.

best wishes kate

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