Consequence learning For My Cat

by Melanie
(Sacramento, ca)

I have a cat that climbs onto a 3 story high building every time he gets a chance. I keep him inside but on occasion sneaks past me. He seems to be to scared to get down so I rescued him every time. I must say this is no easy task. So my question is, if I can't rescue him how long can he stay up there and do you think the drive for hunger will force him down before he dies of starvation or dehydration??

Answer by Kate
I would say that 9 times out of 10 cats can get themselves out of trouble and down from high places. If they can get up there they usually can get back down.

Now yes some get a little scared and take their time about it but they could remain up there for several days. Dehydration is the real danger, they can go without food for many days but only few without water.

My partners dad was a fireman and he has seen many so called stuck cats but in his experience whenever they turn up almost all of the cats manage to get themselves down from their perch, its only when they get stuck down holes etc that they needed a helping hand.

as for your cat the next time he does it don't go to his rescue so soon otherwise he will learn that when ever he goes there you come and get him, easy. But if he has to find his own way down he may be less likely to do it again.

best wishes Kate

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