Constant Meowing?

by Wells
(North Carolina)

Heyas.... My cat is kinda old (dont know the exact years.. but he's over 6) And the past week ive noticed that he's suddenly started meowing alot for no aparent reason. I'll hear him meowing in the living room for a few minuts then he'll stop. Or he'll come down to my room, stand in the doorway and let out a sorta mew/meow sound while looking at me.

I keep thinking maybe he's just wanting attention.. but when we (me, mom and dad) give him attention, he acts like normal.. purring, rubbing.. Sometimes laying down in our laps. But soon as we stop... he'll wonder off for a moment or 3... then come back and repeat the process.

Most times i can follow him and he'll actualy show me whast up (like his litter box, or food/water being low) But this one is baffling me as he dosnt realy 'take' me anywere... he sorta stay's 2 steps ahead of me.. and tries to guess which way im going. And asside from seeming to want attetion... nothing else seems out of the ordinary. Except for this sudden meowing he's doing.

He's not acting sick or anything... the 'only' physical reaction he's got thats odd is when my hand bushed against his right hind leg (in which case he swatted at my hand) But he's walking, and jumping like normal.... so he's not favoring it any...

Any ideas what might be up?

Answer by Kate
well this is a tricky one to answer as cat meowing can be a sign for so many things. Also as cats get older they may start to vocalise more anyway as they seek more attention from you or if very old may be suffering from some form of dementia etc. However if your cat is only around 6 that is not very old at all.

i would definitely try and take another look at this leg issue. it may be that he has a skin condition which is difficult to see but may be causing him some discomfort. It is always best to try and rule out any illness for changes in behaviour first. if you cannot see anything but he still reacts to you touching it then you will have to get the vet to take a look.

If at the end of the day no physical condition can be found for his change in behaviour, you may just have to put it down to a new habit your cat has decided to get into. My own cat can have periods of meowing for no particular reason too.

best wishes Kate

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