constant need for head petting

by Lou
(laguna , CA)

My cat seems to have a need for constant for head petting. Why and can it be lessened? She continually seeks out my hand with her head, this could go on for a long time, even when I am sleeping. she was brought into the house from being an outdoor cat for many years.

She is under a bit of stress due to a second cat in the house that has not exactly welcomed her.


Answer by Kate
well I think you have partly answered your own question. She could be stressed and is seeking comfort from you and reassurance. The trouble is this could if not already become a sort of addiction a bit like serartion anxiety where a cat needs to be with its owners all the time otherwise they get distressed.
There is no magic cure you just have to try and wean them off of the behavior slowly over time. Please read my page about separation anxiety as it does give some tips on how to do this. here

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