Constantly crying cat

by cathryn
(home hill, queensland, australia)

Our family got our new Ragdoll when he was 14 weeks old. He had been desexed. His name is Beau. We got him from a reputable breeder, so we received papers when we got him.

He is out of control with his crying, he crys when I go and hang the clothes on the line (he can still see me) when I go outside briefly to take something downstairs. He wakes us at un-godly hours crying. I used to think he was hungry, as I would go out and feed him and then go back to bed. He would still continue crying.
He is at his happiest when we are "all" in the house watching TV or eatting dinner - just where he can see us.
We have a son who is nearly 2 and Beau is quite attatched to him (god knows why as he is very rough with him. He wakes him early in the morning if he isn't out of bed when we wants.
We waited along time for a cat that would suit our lifestyle, I did alot of research on the Ragdoll, I am at the point now where I just get angry when I look at him.
We have had experince before owning Burmese Cats for many years. But, this Ragdoll is putting me right off cats altogether.
Please help me and my family.

Answer by Kate
Well it could be something like separate anxiety where the cat is so attached to you that he is only happy when he has your full attention. This is a behavior that can be controlled but it will take the whole family to stick to the rules and you will have to be strong during the early days when he will cry and cry (he will not be able to understand why you are not responding to him, but erventually he should get the message) the trouble is because this is a learned behavior and that also has insecutiry issue it may take some time to change his behavior. Routine is key to this, regular play times every day etc. See my page here on the site (you will have to cut and paste this code)about this behavior Alos here is my page about cat play it may help you to structure his playtime and concentrate his energies elsewhere.
My own cat used to drive me mad with her constant crying but now she has learnt that she will not get her own way and so does not do it so much. A little tip. try one good hard quick blow at her face when she is being too clingy, it works like magic with our cat.

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me too
by: Vickie

Hi we have the exact same problem, except ours is pooing all over the place as well as all the crying, this is our first cat and well we are thinking this wasn't such a wonderful idea. Any ideas

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