Cookie The Cat

Cookie the cat - My name is Jade and this is my cat Cookies.

Sex: Female

Age: 6

Lives in: UK

Her favourite food is:
IAMS lol, she LOVES this food. weve tried her on everything, natures choice, purina, whiskers, you name it we've tried it, but along with our other 3 cats, she chooses iams as number one choice.

As a treat, we will give her tuna or mackrell which she also loves, but the smell of the fish always lingers in the house, and on cookies breath!

This is what I like doing the best:
she likes to come into my room at around 8 and flop onto my thighs, she will purr and purr all night and "knead" into my stomach and fall asleep.

she also likes cleaning our rottie mix. she will sit on his back while he is on the floor and lift up his ears and lick. its so cute, and our dog kindly returns the favour to cookie except she gets slobbered on.

Cookie the cat funny habits are: LOTS AND LOTS.

1. shes a polydactyl so she walks weird, and when she tries to pick up something like a plastic mouse or something with her paws, she kind of cant hold is so she whacks it from one paw to the other on her hind legs, it looks soo funny. she looks like shes holding something hot!

2. if i have my homeowrk out on my bed, she will jump on to my bed and roll over onto the piece of work om writing on or reading. then, she will cock her head as if to say: 'come on, pet me! you know you want to!'

3. unlike many other cats i know, cookie likes to go outside in the rain. she will just sit there and look at the sky and get soaked. then when she is absaloutely drenched, she will meow at the door. il get up let her in, and she will sit on the kitchen floor, look up at me and meow. then i pick her up, cuddle her and she will sit on my knee for the rest of the night, staring at me contently.

4. she also eats rather strangely. especially with wet food. she just shoves her face into the food and rubs her mouth into the plate. she looks like shes been starved for a week everytime she does it, and our other cats look at her as if shes not a cat.

How I found Cookie the cat: 
Well, cookie like all our cats was rescued as a kitten. however, the special thing about cookie is that she was personally rescued by my mother.

she was found in a bag amongst her siblings, and the bag had been bitten and torn by two dogs that were attacking the bag. when my mother opened the bag, cookie's mam jumped out the bag and ran for the hills, so we were left with 4 kittens, one of which died of injuries later.

The three kittens left went up for adoption as my mam handed them in to a shelter. we wanted to keep all of the kittens naturally, (my sister and i)but seen as we already had 4 cats and a dog my mam didnt think it was a good idea.

we had a phone call a few weeks later to say 2 kittens had been adopted and cookie was left. nobody wanted her because she was a polydactyl (she has 7 paws on her front left paw, and 6 on her front right paw) and she was to be 'destroyed' in days if she wasnt adopted.

our hearts of course torn in two when we heard, and we had to take her home. she and i have had a great bond ever since, and shes 6 now, was just a 2 weeks old when we found her, and 4 weeks old when we adopted her.

every night she comes into my room with her tail up, and head buts my feet at my desk. the cat way of saying hi. she jumps up into my lap and goes to sleep, she sits purring her head off for the hole entire night.=D

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