Coral has identical lumps on the inside of each leg

by Dee
(St Pete, FL)

We adopted a kitten who will be one year old in December. She is very furry almnost like a persian so her lumps are not visible.; I picked her up one day was rubbing her lower belly and felt a lumpy like site almost in between her legs. When i palpatated it she squirmed frantically to get down. I thought maybe at time, maybe it was a insect bite or maybe the dog we have played a little rough and decided to keep an eye on it. That was a litle of a week ago. Tonight i picked her up again and felt, and the lump is still there, firm and appears to be under the skin. Fearing the worst, i felt the other side and sure enought there is another lump there to identical in size and feel. Coral does not to be held as is so she tends to put up with me when i hold her and does not struggle until I feel those lumps. I am really worried. Is this something i need to take her to the vet right away? is it possible lymph nodes that are swollen from allergies? Please help, I love her sooooooo much! Since she is so furry and stand offish I cannot get a decent picture of the area of concern, its too far under all that fluff.

Answer by Kate
I am not a vet so this is only my opinion. As there a re two identical lumps under the skin, I would think that yes they are probably glands. However whether or not they are swollen is impossible for me to say. It may be that they are normal size as you have nothing to compare them with. her squirming could just be because she does not like you touching her there, a cats under belly is a place they feel most vulnerable with.

If you are really worried or if you think they feel quite large then your only course of action is to have a vet check them out. Or you could wait a day or so to see if they change or to see if your cat displays any discomfort etc.

It is probably nothing to worry about but to put your mind at rest, a visit to the vets is your only course of action.

I hope all is well

best wishes Kate

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