Could kitten have nerve damage

by Brenda Thody
(Hamilton, Ontario)

My cat had a litter of 4 three weeks ago. I came home from work one day and found that she had moved them to my closet. The area she had them in was very small, about 8 by 8. One of them had died and it looked like she was very dehydrated. One other one was on her back and very lethargic. She couldn't hold her head up and she was having seizures. I thought for sure the poor little thing was not going to make it but to my surprize she made it through the night. I went and got a supplement and started feeding her with a syringe.

She wasn't moving and everyone told me to let her go as they didn't think she was going to be okay. I din't feed her for 24 hours and she was still alive. I started to feed her again because I couldn't bear not feeding her. When she was at her worst, the seizures were so violent that she would arch her head back and it would touch her back. Her legs would stick straight out and then she would shudder. The good news is it's 3 days later and she can sit on her own but can't walk. She keeps putting her head back and seems to stare at the ceiling. I'm wondering if maybe there was some nerve damage and also if maybe she is blind.

Any advise would really be appreciated.


Answer by Kate
Hi Brenda
what can i say, these kittens may have been born with defects and the mother cat may have realized this and so left them to die.

If the kitten was badly dehydrated or deprived or oxygen then there could have been some brain damage or as you say even nerve damage which she may have been born with or was caused afterwards, perhaps her mother picked her up badly.

Anyway Brenda it is amazing that you have got her back from the brink but i really do feel that you need to get her seen by a vet as soon as possible, he will be able to advise further on how you can help her and also if there is any sign of damage etc. As long as she is not in pain even with disabilities if she has them, she will still be able to led a happy life. the vet will be able to advise further.

best wishes to you both


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