Country drive rescue

by Naomi
(Los Angeles, CA)

Tegan about to pounce while playing.

Tegan about to pounce while playing.

In late summer of 2006, I had just moved out of the apartment with my fiance and back home due to the end of an engagement gone terribly wrong. The split was terrible and painful. So much happened in one month; the break-up, my beloved pet conure going to live with my aunts out of state because in my condition she was just too much to manage and my younger sister, my best friend, moving away to Taiwan for a teaching job. I was crushed.

After a few weeks of recuperating I decided to go for a drive around our scenic country-side and get some air. As I neared our house I spotted a little, black and white fur ball bounding up the road ahead of me. I stopped in the middle of the desolate country road and stuck my head out the window. I little tuxedo cat looked up at me from the side of the road and meowed pitifully at me. I moved the car to the side of the road, flipped on the hazards and got out. I wasn't even crouched down all the way before the little cat was in my lap purring her little head off. I scratched her head and checked her over finding that the poor creature was nothing but bones. I had recently been telling friends that the last thing I wanted right then was another cat. I was fed up with the hassles owning a cat involve, no thanks to my ex's maladjusted nut-case cat. But, I had to help the little ragamuffin in my arms.

I brought Tegan home and made her comfortable in my room and shut the door to keep my mother's cat out, just in case. A few hours later she had a litter box a cozy bed and I started her on a mix of wet food and baby cat food from Royal Canin since she was so emaciated she needed all the nutrients she could get. A few days later the vet gave her a clean bill of health and sent her home fixed. Tegan got sick on the way home and was so dirty she had to have a dry bath from a spray bottle to get her fur clean. That was the first time I noticed how sweet she
was. Sure, she kicked and clawed and fought like any other cat but she never laid a claw or tooth on me. She dug at the carpet like mad but never went for my hands. Amazing.

Later, I noticed that her ears still looked pretty gross. I set about cleaning them with about a two week ear mite treatment. Again, she kicked and whined and fought but never at me, only to get away. Again, I was astounded. She hated having her ears cleaned but she never once tried to lash out at me for doing it. It was as if she understood that I was trying to help her, and in spite of myself, loved her dearly.

Tegan never did find that new home. No one seemed good enough and the ones who did, changed their minds at the last minute. I finally gave in and accepted that she must have picked me. I'm glad she did. Tegan helped my through one of the hardest things that I have ever gone through in my life. She was always there when I got home from work, in my lap the second I sat down and loved to play without going nuts one my fingers they way some young cats do. I don't know if I could have healed so quickly without her support.

Last Christmas I was in an accident when someone pulled out in front of my and totalled my car. Yet again, Tegan was my comfort while I recouped. She also proved to be a great alarm clock. LOL Always nudged me when the electronic alarm went off in the morning.

I made a big descision after the accident that took me all the way from Pennsylvania to Souther California and I couldn't bring Tegan. Tegan is now looking after my Aunt Maxine who recently lost her boyfriend of many years to a car accident that happened shortly after mine did. My aunt really dotes on Tegan and spoils her rotten, but then I suspect that Tegan spoils my aunt too, showering her with all the love and affection she needs to get through these tough times.

Tegan is one of the most special cats I have ever come across. I have fostered many kittens and never have I met one so sweet and so endearing.

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