Cracking Jaw while cat yawning

I have a very unusual question to ask about my kitten. He's about 4 1/2 months old, and neutered. He recently had a close to death accident with his collar where he got his tooth and tongue stuck on the collar. His tongue was turning blue and the collar had to be ripped off. He was only grooming himself on his chest when it happened so suddenly.

A day later, we noticed that everytime he yawned he made a very distinct cracking noise. We thought he just kept hitting his teeth together as he closed his mouth but it didn't look like it. We thought he hurt his jaw but he's still eating and when we applied pressure near his jaw area, he didn't yelp of pain.

We are very worried as it has been over a week and he continues to make this "cracking noise" as he yawns (happens when his mouth is almost closed shut).

What could this be? He plays normally, is very active and is eating normally.

Please help!

Very worried pet owner.

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Cracking jaw
by: Lulu the cat

My kitten who is 11 weeks also just started doing this! She has been climbing and jumping from high places including out of my arms (which was a hard fall on the wood floor). She had hit her head a lot playing also and just walks off of ledges and falls. I’ve been worried about that - but hitting her head a lot could also have something to do with her jaw clicking when she yawns. Sounds like a painful grind - but she seems completely not phased by it and just keeps yawning. I managed to get a video of the noise and we have a check-up for her next week so I’ll report back. Glad to hear I’m not the only one, she’s so tiny still I hope she’s okay!

5 months & cracking jaw
by: Anonymous

My cat is 5 months old and just developed a cracking sound when he yawns. I’ve read all the comments and noticed many of the other kitties on here that had this issue where around the same age. I wonder if a growth spurt or new teeth have anything to do with this. I do hope he outgrows this. What has come of your kitties, did they over come this cracking sound? Does it’s still crack? Did you find out what caused it? Thanks

Late to post but
by: Anonymous

My cat is 4 years old and she has always "snapped" her jaws closed after yawning and it makes a crunching type noise. I never thought anything of it until we moved in to my parents house and my mom pointed it out because it gives her the heebie jeebies. 😂 I think our kitties are fine.

Jaw clicking after being neutered
by: Anonymous

I came across this site by of course googling my issue. I really enjoyed reading all the comments.
I recently had my 5 month old kitten neutered and since the surgery his jaw clicks when he yawns. He is eating well and doesn’t appear to be in pain especially when he’s in play mode. (tried to climb my living room drapes last night) lol
Has anyone else experienced this after a surgery? It’s been a month now and otherwise he is fine.
Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

Truman's clicking jaw
by: Anonymous

My cat is 14 years old. He has allergies bad, he spent most of the month of April at the Drs.. He lost a lot of weight do to illness. Thank God he is on the mend, hasn't gain much weight back, but his jaw cracks every time he yawns now. He doesn't act like he is in any pain, just worrisome for me.

Jaw cracking while yawn
by: China-boo

Mine too!after i jumped from my mommys arm to the floor i telted my neck from side to side later that night my jaw cracked when i yawn meow🐾i play & eat &love 💞my mommy🐱it just happend & i still need to start my shots next week i hope to be fine🐾🐾

by: Anonymous

Our ten year old cat has done this his entire life, and has never acted like it bothered him. I always assumed it was his teeth clicking.

My cat too
by: Anonymous

My kitten is 5 months old and I just started noticing the crackling noise when she yawns I thought maybe something stuck in her throat she likes biting on plastics not that i let her but find her sometimes with stuff she is clepto kitty gets into everything. So weird after I read these blogs that all kittens about same age I plan to take my baby to vet also just really noticed and first thought something with purring and yawn. Wished someone knew what that is. Never had cat do that before.

ours too!
by: Anonymous

Found this too late since previous comments are over a year old. But my 5 month old kitten's jaw does the same's driving me nuts! Plus, since I'm a dental hygienist, I keep worrying about TMJ problems! I guess I'll wait it out a while since he is healthy, eating, growing and playing normally....Just felt like venting my two cents worth since no one else had any good answers either.

My new baby kitty makes same noise!
by: Anonymous

I came across this when I was searching for answers myself.
Our little boy Cache is 4 months old and a few days ago started the clicking noise as he closes his mouth after yawning. The only thing I can think of is that we had to give him some liquid medication for a week with a dropper and he put up a fight. I feel really bad because I feel like I may have done it by giving him his medication. :(

He plays normal and eats normal but I will take him in just to make sure ok. I hope your little one is ok. Soooo cute.

Take Care, Serena

Problem Solved...for now...
by: Anonymous

Thank you to those who offered some advice on Fredrick's problem. I've taken him to the vet and everything is ok!! The vet said that it could have been the collar incident that caused his jaw to make a cracking sound.

She said he will probably outgrow it since he is still a growing kitty. He would have been in tremendous pain if something was terribly wrong with his jaw.


by: Kate

That is an unusual one. The funny thing is I sometimes have a clicking jaw, but it comes and goes.
He may have dislodged his jaw during the accident, which hasn't caused any pain but is just slightly misaligned and causes a clicking sound. I don't know if a vet can do anything about this or whether it is something that will over time fix it self. It may worth telephone the vet's office for some advice. But it's a good sign that he is still eating and does not seem to be in pain.
Sorry I couldn't be more specific but as I say it may just be worth checking with the vets office, they may have come across this before.

by: Anonymous

I'm not sure what that could be.........your best bet is to take kitty to vet and make sure you have no future complications. What seems fine now might develop into something much worse.
Good luck to your sweeet kitty!

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