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My cat bella is about 3 years old now. I got her when she was around 3 months old, about a month after hurricane Katrina hit, from a shelter. She was a very vocal cat, meowing and purring very loudly constantly. She can be so sweet at times, and she loves to sleep in my lap when I am reading, studying, or on the computer. She purrs when I start to pet her, but every time, she begins to bite me. At first it is soft biting, but then she follows my hand and literally attacks me, grabbing on to me and biting very hard. Usually when she does this, I have to put her in another room, because she won't stop and will actually become more aggressive. She also gets into these moods where she runs around the house as fast as she can, jumping on every piece of furniture she can, and meows so loudly it becomes kind of freaky. I'm not really sure what to make of her behavior, but every person who has ever visited my house has told me she is the freakiest, most abnormal cat they have ever seen. She is so cute and sometimes so sweet and I love her so much, I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do to improve her behavior.

Answer by Kate
Hi Looking at your cat I suspect that she has Siamese somewhere in her family and this would explain the loud excessive meowing

The behavior of running round the furniture etc I think is quite normal as my own cat has little fits of this. who knows what they are up to, its like they are involved in some frantic game in their heads. i wouldn't worry about this and just put it down to cat high spirits.

As for the biting well thats a learned behavior and this can be quite difficult to stop. you are doing the right thing regarding putting her in another room as soon as she starts to bite. Make sure you do this as soon as she bites and while you are doing it don't make a sound. this reinforces the negative response. If you do this absolutely every time and as soon as she bites she will eventually learn that she gets a negative response when she bites.

Love the picture

best wishes Kate

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