crazy cat

by chantell

a cat that we rescued just had kittens 3 days ago she as doing well with them for the first few hours and then she tried to relocate the kittens inside a chair however when she grabs them she bites them over and over on the rib/stomach area like she doesn't know how to carry them. she started getting meaner to them so i am now caring for 6 newborn kittens. now she won't stop meowing loudly all night long, i'm okay with taking care of the kittens but her constant meowing is driving me insane. what can i do to get her to shut up?

Answer by Kate
It is quite normal for a mother cat to cry for her kittens and to be honest it is in the best interests of the kittens and the cat for them to be together.

When you say she was biting them, was she drawing blood? As say this as sometimes it can look rather brutal at first when a mother cat is pulling her kittens around but generally it is harmless.

I assume the kittens are still feeding from her as the first milk of a cat is very important for the heath of the kittens.

To be honest the only way to stop your cat crying is to give her back the kittens. It is very rare in deed that a mother cat would harm her kittens, the only time this may happen in the wild is if they were sick i.e runts and it doesn't sound like the kittens are ill in anyway.

best wishes Kate

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