crazy mama kitty

by marla parker

about 6 weeks ago i rescued a mama cat and her 2 week old kittens. she was left in an empty apartment with no food or water. when i got her she was very thin and extremly nervous but very friendly to me and my husband. over the weeks i have been taking very good care of them trying to fatten her up but that is not happening. i have taken her to the vet got her all her shots plus had her checked for feline luke and aides which was negative. i keep them in a room upstairs in my house and on 4 different occassions she has gotten away from me and ran downstairs and attacked my cats, she turned into a physco so of course i broke it up andshe is totally fine with me. i already have homes for the kittens and at the end of january is her appt to be fixed i am slowly going to try to intergrade her with my cats. i was thinking of putting her in a cat harness and doing it very slowly. i understand it will probaly take a while but i'm really hoping she will calm down after her babies are gone and she has been fixed. what do you think? if it doesn't work i will have to find her a home with no other animals in the house. she is a very sweet and loving kitty she isn't even a year yet. do you think her young age is a plus for me?

Answer by Kate
one the kittens are weaned around 8 to 12 weeks they will ok to be rehomed, also the vet will be happy to spay your female cat then. after this I would give it a good week for her to get over the operations before you consider trying to introduce her to your other cats.

as for introduction the best method is to a slow one but one which enables the cats to get to know each other without the fear of aggression etc. i have written a web page about this introduction process here

I hope it all works out well for you all. remember your female cat will need extra nutrients while she is feeding her kittens and there are several special cats food for pregnant and nursing cats available. See here for more details.

best wishes Kate

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