crouching cat?

Our kitten (4 months old) recently started walking as if she is crouching to attack something and then when she gets to you she will lay down and roll around on the floor. most of the time she is purring and being really lovable when she is like this so I dont think she is in any pain but it is just weird. She is normally really playful and you cant pet her without being bitten or scratched but when she is like this she is lovable and nice. I have had many cats but never had one do this. Have you heard of this type of thing before?

Answer by Kate
Hi yes this is normal cat play. My two cats do this. its all part of the hunting play they carry out. they are imagining your foot etc as the pray and are playing at stalking it but they know it is not and so they do not go through with the whole attack.

I find it quick funny watching my two crouch low and talk my foot then wiggly there behinds before pouncing and then at the last minute miss my foot completely and then rub themselves against my leg.

cats are funny things aren't they but so cute.

best wishes Kate

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