Croxell Cat House

by Daryl Croxell

Hi There,

I have a great love for cats of all type,I have been blessed with 2 acres of land which house's Anywhere from 25 to 30 feral cat's I have lost count

I feed alot of Cats, I didn't start out to have a no kill shelter, But I am known in the neighborhood as that Crazy man with all the Cats,I don't ask for any donation, If a cat needs a Vet the money's have been there to fix
the kitty, I thank god for that, O what a blessing.

This area is a dumping ground for Cats, it's sad to think that People just throw there animal away, just like so much garbage, my neighbor brings a Kitten To my front door, His left eye was half in and half out, well off we go to
see the Vet what needed to be done, And one eye pete was a great new member to our family.

Then a maine coon showed up, she just walk through the front door as if she owned the place, She is our loony coon sidney, queen

I was than bless with a 6 mo. old kitten that birth to three babies, A Baby having baby, we all need to fix our cat & Dogs, give them good loving
home, My parents ALWAYS told me all Your Animal needs is alot of LOVE and A full food bowl and cold fresh water, well in my case this bunch meow's until I feed them there a great alarm clock,

I have a great drama queen,her name is Cali and she a girly girl all thatand a bag of chips too
i will give any cat a home a home and love, I will share my bread with my cats, ALL Any Day or Nite, Thank God My wife love me she tell me
that she feels like a Cat mat, They all take turns laying on her, it is a site to see,

the Cats have adopted my daughter lizard as a cat, Love is blind just think what could happen if the world got along like the cats and
ige the lizard, no war everyone getting along and working together

thanks for listening

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Sep 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your care & dedication. animals are balm for the soul. i know b/c my son brought home a stray kitten in his backpack :) a few months after our beagle passed away at 5 years of age. She is now healthy and silly at times, has healed us in so many ways. I wish i could rescue them all. God Bless! :)

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