Crying after feeding

by Mirras
(Newcastle upon Tyne, England)

My 18 year old female cat cries after eating. This can be very persistent, extremely loud and sounds distressed. It's reminiscent of when we also had a younger cat and she used to cry to call him to eat when she'd finished feeding, only more persistent. Her hearing is impaired and I do think she suffers dementia. Last night, after eating she seemed really scared and hid under the table, making this racket all the while (she's done that before). I don't want to take her to the vets as she gets so wound up she hyperventilates and it could be the end of her. Any tips on how to appease her or what this could be about?

Answer by KAte
unfortunately this does sound like the result of old age. It can be very distressing and there is not much that can be done.

Basically its just like treating an old person with dementia with kindness and understanding and lots of attention to make them feel secure.

I do have a page here about older cat care which you may find of further interest

best wishes Kate

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